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    Amaya F wrote:

    It's so sad when you think Mexico is only sombreros, cactus and chihuahuas. Is as if we thought USA was only Disneyland!

  • Brittany S

    Brittany S wrote:

    Well that is totally offensive to me! This isn't about Mexico. It is about a BOOK. Read it next time before you make an ignorant comment.

  • LAURA'S little PARTY

    LAURA'S little PARTY wrote:

    I absolutely LOVE your party theme, Brittany! You did a wonderful job capturing a fun, children's book! This is fantastico! : )

  • Fabulous Fetes I

    Fabulous Fetes I wrote:

    Brittany, you never cease to amaze me!! This party is so creative and original...I absolutely LOVE IT!

  • Ariana B

    Ariana B wrote:

    I didnt know it was a book.. I just thought it was a cool Cinco de Mayo party.

  • Gail E

    Gail E wrote:

    Love the books, great tie-in for a kids party.