• Lilly C

    Lilly C wrote:

    Where did you get your invties from? They are super cute!

  • Nawel V

    Nawel V wrote:

    Hi Lilly, thank you! I actually made the invites! :) If you go onto my main party page for this party, I responded to someone else's question on how I made them, and I gave step-by-step instructions. :)

  • Ivory S

    Ivory S wrote:

    You can ignore my last comments lol just read the part that you said you did them by hand :P

  • Nawel V

    Nawel V wrote:

    :) No problem!

  • Crystal H

    Crystal H wrote:

    Awesome job!

  • Nawel V

    Nawel V wrote:

    Thank you!

  • Rosie G

    Rosie G wrote:

    love the invite can u please email me how you made them? (rosiegamble@ymail.com)

  • Dorothy G. G

    Dorothy G. G wrote:

    awesome invite

  • Nawel V

    Nawel V wrote:

    Thank you, Dorothy! :)

  • Edith R

    Edith R wrote:

    loved how u did everything :)

  • no photo

    Jonquil B wrote:

    everything was gorgeous. I would appreciate any templates and tips you could give. I am not very crafty but this year I am gonna attempt giving my daughter a personaluzed party. please send to jonquilhenderson@yahoo.com. Thanks

  • Nawel V

    Nawel V wrote:

    Thank you, Jonquil! I just sent you an e-mail. :) As for the invites, check out my main party page for instructions on how I made those. :) Good luck with your party!

  • Natalie A

    Natalie A wrote:

    how did u make the invitations? they look awesome!!! nataliearanzazu@yahoo.com

  • no photo

    Georgina D wrote:

    Hi!! this was such a adorable party and any template or directions that you share will be greatly appreciated my little one is turning two and loves the mickey gang. Once again thanks. Ginajd0409@aol.com

  • Miriam S

    Miriam S wrote:

    Hi, everything at your party was awesome :) could you please sent me anything that you have to miri315re2002@yahoo.com & I don't see the instructions on how you made the invitation :(