• Aigner J

    Aigner J wrote:

    These cupcake toppers are too cute did you make them?

  • Aigner J

    Aigner J wrote:

    these are lovely did you make these, I have to attempt to make some for a friends daughter birthday in April. Any tips or help...please & thank you ;)

  • Nawel V

    Nawel V wrote:

    Hi Aigner! Not sure which one you're referring to, but I did make the tent labels. I can send you the template I created in Publisher or Word. If you're talking about the deviled egs, my mom made those! :)

  • Nawel V

    Nawel V wrote:

    As for the cupcake toppers, I found those on Etsy - she sends you a printable file and so I just printed out a bunch on cardstock, cut them out, and hot glued the toppers to lollipop sticks. Hope that helps!

  • Sally B

    Sally B wrote:

    I love the cards for the food. Could you send me the templates? It is such a cute idea. sallyabirmingham@gmail.com

  • no photo

    Heather T wrote:

    I love the tent cards as well. Could you send me the template for this also? heathertucker08@yahoo.com Thanks!

  • Crystal H

    Crystal H wrote:

    Awesome party! Very creative! I love all of your printables and know it takes a lot of time to create them. I would love them if you are willing to share. Thanks so much, Crystal crystaldawn01@hotmail.com

  • no photo

    Kandi F wrote:

    I love the cards....is it possible for you to send me the template? Thanks! kandi.francis@gmail.com

  • Stephanie P

    Stephanie P wrote:

    You did such a beautiful job on everything! My daughter is having her 1st birthday in 2 weeks...Its unbelievable how fast time goes by with them! Would you be able to email me the template for tent cards, and water bottles? I love them! & Do you have a blog? Thank you SO much, Stephanie misspaterno@gmail.com

  • no photo

    Sara P wrote:

    Would you mind sendng me the template you used for the tent cards? Thank you so much, everything looks amazing! sarapopp22@gmail.com

  • no photo

    Jonquil B wrote:

    Hi, I would also love for you to email me the template for the tent cards. My daughter's will be turning two and she looves Minnie also. Please send to jonquilhenderson@yahoo.com. Anything other templates you have would also be appreciated. Thanks

  • no photo

    Kacy S wrote:

    would you mind emailing me the template for the label cards please..they are adorable!! kacysloat@gmail.com

  • Krystle M

    Krystle M wrote:

    hi I would love if u could email me the templates for the labels as well krdmatthews@sbcglobal.net thank you

  • Megan R

    Megan R wrote:

    HI! Could you please email me the template also? maygen31@msn.com Thanks in advance! These are adorable!

  • no photo

    Yadira B wrote:

    Hi just looking for ideas for my baby girl's second birthday. I love how you labeled the food. Can you email me the template? Thanks...... ayadibris@yahoo.com