• Liz J

    Liz J wrote:

    How did you make the head bands and hats! I am doing a cookie monster themed party next month and would love to have them!!!

  • Kassidy F

    Kassidy F wrote:

    Head bands I just wrapped blue pipe cleaners around some head bands I got at the dollar store.....just make sure to push the edges in really well because they can be sharp. Then I took little styrofoam balls and painted them white with a black dot, then just hot glued them on. As far as the party hats....I found a template for party hats online and followed that with blue cardstock, then used white paint for the eyes, and a black paint pen for the mouth and glued on a cookie crisp. I found the blue feathery trim at hobby lobby, and that and the pom pom on top are just hot glued as well. I attached elastic that I got from Michael's too, so that it would stay on the kid's heads. Good luck!

  • no photo

    Marcia S wrote:

    Where did you get the little markers for what type of cookies are what and the street sign thing?