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    Felicia O wrote:

    hi, love the sandwiches can u please tell where did u get the platter from [email protected] thanks

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    Erica F wrote:

    The platter is from JCP

  • Cassie B

    Cassie B wrote:

    How did you cut out the heads? So cute!!

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    Amanda T wrote:

    How did you cut the bread ? Or what kind of bread did you use ?

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    Amanda J wrote:

    Those sandwich's are adorable, how did you make them? Where did you order them? I am planning my daughters 2nd Birthday and those would be perfect!

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    Erica F wrote:

    The sandwiches are just made by using a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter to cut white bread, ham and turkey slices and cheese.

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    Jamie M wrote:

    hi did you make the sandwiches yourself or were you able to order it?

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    Erica F wrote:

    I made them....super easy! See comments below about cutter.

  • Bridget B

    Bridget B wrote:

    Where did you get the mickey mouse cookie cutter. I've looked at some stores and can't find one.

  • Nicole R

    Nicole R wrote:

    I can't find the Mickey Mouse cookie cutters either. Only on eBay and amazon. Was their a store that carries it? Thanks!!

  • Lizbeth J

    Lizbeth J wrote:

    Hi Erica. I can't seem to find the platter at jcp. What's the name of that particular platter? [email protected]

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    Miqueshelia C wrote:

    How many guest did you have, and how much meat and cheese did you have to get?