• Stephanie S

    Stephanie S wrote:

    where did u get these

  • Heather T

    Heather T wrote:

    Hi Stephanie, I found this set on ebay. It came with 4 cushion seats and the inflatable game board.

  • Heather L

    Heather L wrote:

    Love these... I have alot of work to get done for my daughters 1st bday in dec:)

  • no photo

    Ashley A wrote:

    These are soo cute!!! Where did u get them?!

  • no photo

    Michelle C wrote:

    DO you happen to still have this? Would you be interested in selling it? I am looking for some gently used Candyland decorations for my twins birthday party. Thanks.

  • Amy A

    Amy A wrote:

    I'm searching to buy this inflatable game too. Amy leads would be great! Amy