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    Vickie J wrote:

    My question is how do you rig up the camera to take the pictures in the photo booth? I understand how you do the booth just wondering about how the kids would take the pictures

  • Lisa C

    Lisa C wrote:

    We had an adult run the camera. It was set up on a tri-pod and if someone wanted a photo taken, someone else would just take the photos for them.

  • Bonnie F

    Bonnie F wrote:

    photo booth

  • Bonnie F

    Bonnie F wrote:


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    Camisha S wrote:

    What measurement are the boxes you used for the games to be played in on the tables

  • Vickie S

    Vickie S wrote:

    Can you tell me how the "Army Men Shoot Camp" game works? I saw a gun. What type gun is it. What are the balls and is it the balls they're supposed to be shooting down? It looks really cool, especially for the boys.