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    Bianca S wrote:

    Where did you get the gift bags?

  • Karolina A

    Karolina A wrote:

    Hi Bianca, They are popcorn boxes and I got them at Etsy. The shop is Birthday Wishes Always. You can visit my blog ( karosfunland.blogspot.com) and see all the vendors from this party.

  • Guadalupe G

    Guadalupe G wrote:

    its not letting me view your blog to see how you made this amazing party happen

  • Karolina A

    Karolina A wrote:

    Sorry! I fix the problem,please try again and or just go to karosfunland.blogspot.com Thank you

  • Evette D

    Evette D wrote:

    what is the name of the candy in the jar (left to the picture of the birthday kid)?

  • Karolina A

    Karolina A wrote:

    Hi Evette, the candies you see in that jar are candy buttons, that I bought at The Dollar Tree. Hope this helps:)