• Donna E

    Donna E wrote:

    How did you make the sign? Is it just printed out or are letters cut out induvidually? Cant tell. Looks like they were printed out induvidually..

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    Krafted O wrote:

    Donna did you got the e-mail? how was the party?

  • Kaeli H

    Kaeli H wrote:

    My little Boys 2nd Bday is coming up! Can you email me details or how to's?! I LOVELOVELOVE this whole set up! Thanks so much! [email protected]

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    Leah T wrote:

    You did an amazing job!!! This is the best Mickey mouse party I have seen! My baby boy is turning 1 in a few months and I'm doing a Mickey mouse theme!! I would appreciate if you could give me details!!! I love it!!! Thanks so much!! [email protected]

  • Deborah F

    Deborah F wrote:

    Can you email me how you made all the decorations and how you covered the hot dog machine please? I'm having a Mickey Mouse birthday for my son next month. My email is [email protected] Thank you!

  • Amber V

    Amber V wrote:

    Could you email me directions one how you made everything? My daughter is turning 5 next month and wants a Mickey party. You did such an amazing job that I would love to have hers look even remotely like this! That would be wonderful! Thank you.

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    Krafted O wrote:

    Hello! I've tried to respond to every comment on this party, I hope it's beeing useful.. thanks so much for such lovely feedback!

  • Juana M

    Juana M wrote:

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Nothing over the top, just right. You nailed it girl! Please email me any info you have so that I may also accomplish this look...,,[email protected]

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    Jacki G wrote:

    can you send it to me as well...LOVE This [email protected]

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    Krafted O wrote:

    Thanks Juana! I send you the e-mail! Jacki to you as well! thanks so much... I'm flattered!

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    Traci H wrote:

    how did you print off the oh boy! sign? Thanks!

  • Stephanie S

    Stephanie S wrote:

    I would love the printable for this sign, if you are still sharing! [email protected]

  • Alicia S

    Alicia S wrote:

    I love this! Super cute!! I agree with everyone, I would love to have this at our party if you are still sharing. [email protected] Thanks! And great job on the party!

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    Keila F wrote:

    Love it! I would also like the printable if you are still sharing. [email protected] Thanks!

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    Rita K wrote:

    Wow! Amazing. If you are still sharing I would also love the details to your party. my email is [email protected] Would really like to make a party similar for my sons 2nd Birthday. Thank you .

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    Christina A wrote:

    This is awesome! If you are still sharing I would love the details as well. My email is [email protected]

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    Kim D wrote:

    Beautiful!!!!!! will you please forward me the printable file also, it is awesome. Thanks in advance. [email protected]

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    Zas T wrote:

    Hi! Any chance you can share your how-to on the very beautiful party theme. My son will be turning one and I'd love to make it special. I'm crafty challenged. Thanks a million!!! [email protected]

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    Erica E wrote:

    I'd love to get your "how to's" too...I'm having a Mickey Mouse party for my son's 1st bday and I LOVE your designs. [email protected] Thanks.

  • April M

    April M wrote:

    please send m your how to's as well. My son has been asking me for a mickey mouse bday party for almost a year. [email protected]

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    Letitia C wrote:

    please send m your how to's as well give my grandson a party on 03/16. thanks [email protected]

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    Angela H wrote:

    Hi, I like everything from your party. Is it possible to send me detais? My email is [email protected] I would really appreciate it, thanks!

  • Susan J

    Susan J wrote:

    Can you send me info as well. [email protected] Thanks my son is turning 2!

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    Stephanie R wrote:

    My son's 1st birthday is coming up! Can you email me details or how to's?! [email protected] Thank you!

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    Gina M wrote:

    Your party looks amazing, my little boys first birthday is coming this December and I would like to do a Mickey Mouse theme. Where did you get the welcome sign ? Also, is there a template for the shorts and white gloves ? If so where can I get it ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you [email protected]

  • voyagedecindy

    voyagedecindy wrote:

    DId you make the painting in the backround? and how do you make the banner? could you ples email me all the details? Thank you!!

  • no photo

    Jen P wrote:

    I know this is an old post but if you can please email me with all the details and how to's that would be amazing!! I'm planning my sons first birthday Mickey themed and on a small budget! Email is [email protected] thanks!!!!

  • Paige L

    Paige L wrote:

    Can I get information on the wall hangings! [email protected]