• Holly  D

    Holly D wrote:

    OK, this is too fun!

  • no photo

    Laurie S wrote:

    Where did you get these stencils? what type of paper did you print on?

  • Melody F

    Melody F wrote:

    I found free printables online for the mustache and lips and printed those out and then I used my limited computer skills and paint on my computer to enlarge photos of each Scooby Doo character and printed them and cut out these accesories. I then hot glued them to a stick!

  • Mirian Z

    Mirian Z wrote:

    How did you enlarge the photos to create the props? I want to do something similar for a smurf party but I am having trouble with the enlarging (my computer skills are very limited too!).

  • no photo

    Beth T wrote:

    I have tried to enlarge some pictures that I found online for this same idea, but can't figure it out. Did you save the files by chance and are you willing to share? My kids are so excited about a Scooby party, and I'm hoping it turns out great!

  • Melody F

    Melody F wrote:

    Sorry everyone, my email changed and I never got these questions. I literally copy and pasted a photo of scooby doo in to Paint on my computer. Then I enlarged it to a size that might work. It got a little pixelated, but I figured it would still work. Then I used the eraser to erase all of the part of Scooby I didn't want to use. I then printed it and cut it out.

  • Melissa R

    Melissa R wrote:

    Love these!! Hoping I can figure out how to do the same!