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    Ermione S wrote:

    How did you do that? I love it... Doing a luau in 2 weeks.. definately need cool ideas..

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    Rosie Z wrote:

    can you email me directions on how you made these?

  • Joanne C

    Joanne C wrote:

    love to know how u made these?they look so fun.

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    April S wrote:

    yes. please share!! this is a fabulous idea!

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    Rhonda Y wrote:

    please email the recipe!

  • Deb H

    Deb H wrote:


  • Alicia J

    Alicia J wrote:

    May I have this recipe?

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    Lisa G wrote:

    OMG....party tomorrow...just saw these....Can you please send recipe?

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    Katrina R wrote:

    Can you please email me the directions on how you did these. They are awesome.

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    Steph P wrote:

    She probably cut orange in half...ditched fruit...pored in prepared jello...let it firm up...then cut into wedges. Great idea for adults who like "jell-o shots" of a different kind