• Brittney J

    Brittney J wrote:

    How did you make these? For my daughter's 2nd birthday we're doing a barnyard theme party

  • Deborah W

    Deborah W wrote:

    Hi Brittney! To make the moo pops first I skewered regular marshmallows on sticks (I used bamboo skewers but next time I'll use long lollipop sticks to avoid the sharp ends), it helps to put a dab of melted chocolate on the end of the sticks before you insert them into the marshmallow, it helps anchor them better. After that set I dipped the marshmallows in melted white Wilton candy melts, let that set again. Then I melted some regular chocolate and put it in a squeeze bottle with a pointed tip (you can find these in craft/kitchen stores) and drew cow print shapes on the marshmallow and let that set again (it might help to google a picture of cow print so you can look at it while you're drawing, that's what I did). I'd suggest adding just a bit (about a teaspoon) of either shortening or vegetable oil to your chocolate/candy melts to make it thinner and easier to work with. It took awhile to make these but it was pretty easy. Let me know if you have any other questions! :)