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    Kristyn B wrote:

    Can someone please help me figure out the tissue paper flames. I can’t seem to figure out how to do them and I’m getting so frustrated.

  • Peter V

    Peter V wrote:

    I was stuck too. I imagined at first you use streamers but they don’t curl. Instead, stack up a few sheets of tissue paper off each colour, say 5 of each. Then use a big plate to draw a circle on the top sheet. Cut out the circle so all the sheets are now the same size circle shape. Now draw a spiral on the top sheet with a pencil, where the loves are about 3 to 4 cm apart. Then cut along the line so you end up with lots of cut out spirals all stacked together. Now pull off each sheet and you will see they drop into a curled shape. Mine were long so I could cut them into three pieces, meaning I had lots to go round. You can then twist a few together to make each garland.