• Isabel  R

    Isabel R wrote:

    These are fantastic! care to share how did you make this adorable pops?

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    Christina C wrote:

    Of Course I would love to share =) These were no bake Oreo cookie pops. Ingredients: • Double stuffed Oreo cookies (1 package made 3 dozen) • Mini Oreo cookies • Vanilla frosting • Lollipop sticks • Almond Bark • Pink Chocolate Hearts (purchased from Orientaltrading.com) • Wax paper Crumble Oreo cookies in a large bowl (making sure there are no large pieces) Add a tub of vanilla frosting Melt the Almond Bark (add vegetable oil to make it thinner….and easier to work with) Roll the crumbled cookie into a ball (around a quarter size) Place balls of cookie on wax paper and put in the refrigerator for 10 minutes Take the entire tray of rolled cookies out (if they get to hard, they brake) Dip the lollipop stick in the almond bark at least ½ inch deep, place in the cookie ball Separate all the mini Oreo cookies I used a butter knife to put small slits where the ears were going to be placed Dip the mini Oreo in the almond bark and place on the ball (creating the ears) Place on a Styrofoam tray until the ears are completely dry Dip the entire pop in the melted almond bark; while it is still wet add the heart shaped candy as the bow Place on the Styrofoam tray until completely dry. They were delicious! And adorable….glad I could help =)