• Judy O

    Judy O wrote:

    what are the brown cookies? i can't read the sign Sewer ???

  • Paola B

    Paola B wrote:

    They were "sewer caps." Oreo covered brownies, a huge hit and really easy to make. I mixed the ingredients of a brownie pack in a bowl and put oreo cookies inside the bowl (about three at a time) i then fished them out and placed them inside a cupcake baking tray and then baked them. I can't remember how long i baked them for but I am sure it was less than the time stated on the box.

  • Renay S

    Renay S wrote:

    Just AWESOME!! Can I ask what you used for the white stuff on top?

  • Paola B

    Paola B wrote:

    I just used white melting chocolate. First i was trying to pipe the chocolate very carefully but then i just decided that a messy look worked great and 10 times faster!