• no photo

    Monica S wrote:

    This party is adorable! I would love to have this fuel station for my boy's birthday and was wondering...how did you turn these gas tanks into drink dispensers?

  • BettsMade

    BettsMade wrote:

    Hey! We drilled a hole in them and then put the spout in the hole! Super easy too!

  • Heather B

    Heather B wrote:

    These are adorable! Where did you get the gasoline containers in those colors? Are they 5 gallon? I would love to do this for my son's birthday party coming up in a few weeks. Thanks!

  • HaleyHack

    HaleyHack wrote:

    Heather, the red can is a gas/oil can, the blue can is kerosene, and the yellow is diesel. You can find them online if you type in "kerosene can" or the others.

  • Michelle B

    Michelle B wrote:

    This is adorable but I don't suggest using any oil or gas containers to dink from. I know they are new but they are not suitable for drinking consumption. You could buy the ones that are specific for water and use the Spray paint to paint them the colors needed. Super cute though

  • Nicole S

    Nicole S wrote:

    Hello! Ok we have the cans, drilled the hole, but how did you screw the other side of the dispenser from the inside?

  • no photo

    Melissa S wrote:

    How do you put the spigot in the container. How do you screw the other side

  • Darcy S

    Darcy S wrote:

    Did anyone figure out how to put the spigot in without cutting the back?

  • no photo

    Dee W wrote:

    How to get my hand in to put the spout on