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    Hanna S wrote:

    Where can I purchase these gold frames?

  • Rajni A

    Rajni A wrote:

    Please advise where you got these gold frames from? Thanks!

  • Alison W

    Alison W wrote:

    Gold frames please?!?!?! :) (did you purchase and then add gold yourself?) THANKS!

  • Cheznay D

    Cheznay D wrote:

    But how!? I want to know how you make these gorgeous picture frames!

  • Erin D

    Erin D wrote:

    For those asking about the gold frames. I purchased from Micheal's, they are 4x6 light wooden frames. Like the ones shown here: http://www.michaels.com/artminds-wooden-laser-cut-frame-ivy-4in-x-6in/10266671.html#q=wooden+frames&start=12 I spread tacky glue all over the frame and then covered with loose glitter. Very easy.

  • Rajni A

    Rajni A wrote:

    Thank you so much Erin for this lovely birthday theme idea and I made that pics banner, sign ONE and letter A along with tassels for my daughter's first birthday. Everyone loved it...I wish I could share pics with you but it doesn't allow me to upload except the comments. Thanks again!!