• Emily  D

    Emily D wrote:

    I have to say I'm loving how you have the table turned lengthwise instead of widthwise!

  • Mikie M

    Mikie M wrote:

    lol. Thanks! I had to do it that way to fit all the other furniture but it worked out pretty good. = )

  • Chinae G

    Chinae G wrote:

    Mikie, your party looks like it was amazing! I am planning a party for my son's 5th birthday and was curious about a few things: How did you make your banner, tunics, Jedi Certificates and the signs for everything??? You are so creative!

  • no photo

    Sue H wrote:

    Hi. Do you mind sharing the template you used for the banner? Love it!

  • no photo

    Sue Q wrote:

    I'm not sure if you still check these messages but if you do...I would love the file for your light sabre invitations...I am TRYING to plan a Star Wars 6th birthday for my son and you are just amazing! Martha who? You really did such an amazing job!!

  • no photo

    Vera H wrote:

    LOVE love love this banner! do you mind sharing the template? :) thank you and my email is [email protected] my 4 year old will LOVE this!