• Nicole L

    Nicole L wrote:

    What did you fill the cups with?

  • no photo

    Kristen N wrote:

    Where did you get the cups?

  • Christy B

    Christy B wrote:

    Where did u buy the cups

  • Jodi D

    Jodi D wrote:

    Cups are sold at Wal-mart in the baby section.

  • no photo

    Jasmine B wrote:

    Where did you get the decals?

  • no photo

    January R wrote:

    How do I go about ordering these?

  • Stefanie E

    Stefanie E wrote:

    How did you make the decals?

  • Porsha C

    Porsha C wrote:

    The cups are sold at WalMart in the baby section and I ordered the decals off of etsy. The decals only cost me $2.50 for a sheet of 50! I am using this idea next Saturday for my son's 1st birthday party!

  • Stacey I

    Stacey I wrote:

    Hi my daughter's birthday party is coming up and September and I think these are a GREAT idea! What did you put inside the cups?

  • Neci M

    Neci M wrote:

    Hi where did you find the decals?