• Adriana A

    Adriana A wrote:

    is the tablecloth burlap? did you make it? I am dying to make one but i'm too nervous to ruin my sewing machine. Would love if you can give me some tips (if u made it :)) Thanks [email protected]

  • Chloe' M

    Chloe' M wrote:

    @Adriana I don't know how she did it, but if you're too worried about your sewing machine, you can just use hot glue. I've made a few table cloths out of burlap using hot glue - it works pretty well. Only a problem if you make a mistake - it's really stuck on, so it's hard not to tear it if you have to take it apart.

  • Carey B

    Carey B wrote:

    Hi Ladies - I had sent a direct response to Adriana but wanted all to know that the custom table cloth is from the Etsy Shop Sweet Tea and Linen. She was wonderful! http://www.etsy.com/shop/sweetteaandlinen I TRIED to do it myself but lost my patience cap. :) Hot glue and I probably could have gotten along better.