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    Marilyn D wrote:


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    Alejandra J wrote:

    They where for my daughter's second birthday. I made them from plastic cups used for jelly. This cups are very similar to the plastic covers used for icee or frape cofee.

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    Alejandra J wrote:

    They are filled with marshmallows And pasted in a paper siluette

  • Sendy M

    Sendy M wrote:

    Hi, how did you make them with those lids? Because they have holes.

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    Alejandra J wrote:

    No, this one don't have a hole Is a plastic container

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    Clarinet V wrote:

    where did you get them im trying to find them and i cant :( HELP !!

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    Diana L wrote:

    Please do share where I can buy the lids from. I'm having trouble finding some. Your time is appreciated. Thank you!!!! :)

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    Tammy S wrote:

    You can find the cups/lids here http://m.aliexpress.com/popular/plastic-jelly-cup.html?tracelog=wssearch2mobilesearch

  • Beth B

    Beth B wrote:

    Hi i found the clear plastic parts at a hobby store. They were used to make christmas ornaments but they came in two parts. I haven't made them yet, so I'm hoping hot glue will hold them to the paper? Any other suggestions?

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    Angelina R wrote:

    How did you make these? With hot glue or something else?? I am attempting to make them but the hot glue gets clumpy or messy.... Any suggestions?

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    Rosie P wrote:

    They are called dome lids with no hole. Amazon, & eBay! Great idea I will make these for my daughters favors with gum balls. :)

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    Marichu V wrote:

    Hi alejandra. Can i ask what did you use for the mickey mouse head? And what glue did you use? Please do let me know. Thank you so much

  • Daisy S

    Daisy S wrote:

    I made these and used tiny bowls that I got from Dollar Tree! They came in 12 packs.

  • Leela A

    Leela A wrote:

    Did you stick the lolly stick to the card what does the back look like

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    Jia M wrote:

    Video on how to make these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wChogxqqmjw