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    Danica F wrote:

    how did you make these?

  • Heather T

    Heather T wrote:

    First I printed the name and photo on off-white card stock on my home computer. Next I tore the edges all the way around and then burned the edges one side at a time. I did this outside. Then I crumpled the whole thing up into a ball and opened it back up and set it on a flat surface. I dipped a paper towel in brewed coffee and smeared it all over the page (both sides). I put them on a cookie sheet and popped them in the oven (325 with the door slightly open) and let them dry for about 4 minutes. You could also dry them outside if the weather is nice. They are very sturdy and make for a nice personalized party favor. I did the same thing with the invitations (and in the past, Wanted posters for a cowboy party). I hope this helps! They sound like a lot of work but it goes pretty quickly.

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    Suzzette B wrote:

    Pinned it! Love these! CUTE idea!