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    Mitzi D wrote:

    I was curious where you got the templates for your potion pictures and the font you used for your poster. I love your brewing station and would love to do a similar idea for my sons upcoming 8th birthday party in Aug. I am not sure where everyone is getting all of these great pics of the minecraft things? Anyhelp would be wonderful!!

  • Sugar Bites D

    Sugar Bites D wrote:

    Hi Mitzi, Thanks so much! I ran into the same issue wit lack of online templates, so I ended up googleing all the images and using powerpoint & photoshop to change it to fit my use.

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    Torie H wrote:

    I would also love any info you have on this brewing stand. I agree with other posters, it is the best I've seen!!

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    Sandra F wrote:

    Wonderful brewing stand! I too would greatly appreciate the link to potion images if you have a moment. Many thanks!

  • Kelly M

    Kelly M wrote:

    Is there ANY way you could email the files to print. I don't use power point and my son is having a fit to have this at his party ;)

  • Maleita O

    Maleita O wrote:

    Could you possibly email me the file? Is it posted anywhere? Thanks so much!!! He's excited.

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    Joanne G wrote:

    I'd love a copy of your files, if you are willing to share them!

  • Pauline F

    Pauline F wrote:

    I would love a copy of your files for the brewing stand, my niece wants a minecraft party and I know little about it but I think that this would make me the good auntie. email is [email protected]

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    Rebecca R wrote:

    I love this brewing station!!! Is there anyway You can send me some information on the ingredients/ templates used to make this? Thanks so much [email protected]

  • Nick D

    Nick D wrote:

    I'd love to add this to my kiddo's upcoming minecraft birthday party. May I also have files/recipes please? [email protected]