• Carolyn H

    Carolyn H wrote:

    I totally have to know how you made those cupcakes!!! The sundae ones I can figure out. I can even imagine how the popcorn was made but the hamburgers are killing me!!! I do a huge harvest festival at church in the fall and this year we are doing a big country carnival!! Those would be perfect!!!

  • Jennifer C

    Jennifer C wrote:

    I dont have a recipe for them because I didnt make them, but Bakarella has a recipe that looks similar: http://www.bakerella.com/fast-food-fun/ Good luck!

  • Kathy A

    Kathy A wrote:

    Looks like the "burgers" are a white cupcake topped with coarse sugar before baking, split. Green frosting on the bottom, chocolate donut gem for the burger, yellow frosting, and strawberry slices.