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Zoe's Tinker Bell Party in Pixie Hollow!

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Party Recap

"All you need is Faith, Trust & a little bit of Fairy Dust!"

It was a magical day in Pixie Hollow as Queen Clarion, Tinker Bell and her fellow fairy friends celebrated Zoe's 5th Birthday in Brooklyn, New York, uh...Neverland. "It's not on any must find it with your heart..."

Eighteen of Zoe's girlfriends received invitations via a magical message in a bottle! They were told to dress in a leotard and arrive promptly at 1pm for a lovely tea party. Absolutely NO lost boys were allowed.

When the ladies arrived, they busied themselves decorating miniature frames that would later hold a small polaroid of them with Tink. Then Queen Clarion (me!) arrived to escort the girls into Pixie Hollow.

It was a magical place with grass and trees, twinkling white lights and a fairy door to the unknown. After they all sat down, Queen Clarion explained that each fairy has a special talent in Pixie Hollow, and they would be picking magic sticks out of a gold pumpkin to determine their talent! Pink, you were a garden fairy, Blue, you were a water fairy, and Purple, a fast-flying fairy! Once you picked your glowing stick, you received a tutu, wings and fairy dust necklace in the color of your talent. Each girl got a silver bucket to collect tiny animals and fairies to use in their fairy houses!

Then it was off to create your very own fairy garden! Each girl found a mossy bowl with a small wooden fairy house labeled with their name in chalk. There were many bowls of buttons and mini toadstools, gems and sticks, rocks and acorns to make any fairy feel at home. When they were done creating their magical homes, they headed over to meet Tinker Bell, get their face painted and have a picture with the star fairy herself!

They were finally ready for their tea party at the Home Tree! Queen Clarion led them all on a walk with a song and they took their seats for the feast! There were grape caterpillars and pretzel twigs, bark brownies and pink lemonade! And tea in real cups and saucers. They sang to the birthday girl with edible butterfly cupcakes!

Before flying back to the Mainland, the fairies got treats from a Tinker Bell piƱata (requested by the Birthday Girl) and received their green party bags to tote home all their loot!

"When the first baby laughed for the first time, her laugh broke into a million pieces. And they all went skipping about. That was the beginning of fairies."

Do you believe? xo


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Grape caterpillars Bark Brownies Twig Pretzels Cupcakes with edible butterflies Fairy Berries

  • What People Drank

    Pink Fairy Lemonade Tinkerbell Tea Zoe wine for the Queen and her friends. ;)

  • Party Favors

    Tutu Fairy wings Pixie Dust necklace DIY Fairy garden Green Tote bag with Custom Zoe is 5 Button Sweets

  • Activities / Games

    Talent Ceremony Make your own Fairy Garden Face Painting Tea Party


Party Helpers

  • Linda Rohler

    My Mom! She does EVERYTHING to help me!

    I couldn't do it without her. She is my right arm and taught me everything I know about parties!

  • Wittika, Ayva, Kristina

    My set up girls!

    We never could have set the place up without these ladies! They worked tirelessly and made it look like a magical fairy land!

  • Samantha van Putten

    Tinker Bell herself!

    Samantha was a daughter of a friend and was AMAZING! She was Tinker Bell AND painted their faces.

  • Steven Pisano


    Amazing photographer helped us capture the day.


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