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ZION turns 5!

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Party Recap

We decided a few years ago that for Zion's 5th birthday, we would venture to Disney... Shortly after that decision, we made a family secret and set to planning. Because she had no idea, Zion set to party planning. She chose the theme (which was perfect) and was so excited to help mommy make 100+ hair bows.

I LOVE pink but I know that 90% of the parties I plan for her are pink so, we went for the original color combo - red, black, white and pops of yellow.


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    The birthday girl, of course!

  • Desserts

    - cupcakes - iced brownie bites - sugar cookies - birthday cake and cupcakes

  • Activities / Games

    1. Decorated mommy-made bow holders 2. Decorated mirrors 3. Minnie Says (like Simon says) 4. Pin the Bow on the Minnie (like Pin the Tail on the Donkey) 5. Dance Contest (per the bday girl's request) 6. Pinata 7. Bow-tique shopping

  • Budget

    Minus the bow buffet and outfit, it was a $250 party... The bow-tique was an estimated $200 in supplies and ribbon... Mostly things I already had and I made WAY too much for the number of guests!

  • Party Favors

    Hair bows from the hair bow buffet

  • Best Moment

    After the party, Zion gave me a huge hug and said it was the best birthday ever!

  • What People Ate

    Hot Dog Buffet included all beef grilled hot dogs and all the fixin's (Pop-Pop's chili was a hit!). Mini and individual portions of the following: - Macaroni and cheese - Bow tie pasta salad (spinach, zesty Italian dressing, cherry tomatoes, and italian blend cheese - SO FRESH AND YUM!) - fruit salad - cheese and crackers - chips

  • What People Drank

    Bow Berry punch (fruit punch)

  • Funniest Moment

    During the dance contest, Zion started BBoy dancing!

  • Hand Made Items

    - crystal-toed shoes - bday girl dress - bow holder crafts - Pin the Bow on the Minnie - Pinata - Minnie ears for guests - Hair bows for the buffet


Party Helpers



  • Kelia J

    Kelia J wrote:

    she' too kute!

  • no photo

    Kristina S wrote:

    So cute! How do you make your bows/headbands?

  • no photo

    Felicia O wrote:

    how did you make them thanks

  • no photo

    Felicia O wrote:

    very nice where did you get the glass jars how did you make the bows also

  • Janelle W

    Janelle W wrote:

    Where u get the shoes