Party Recap



  • Julie L

    Julie L wrote:

    What a cutie! Love the outfit, party theme and colors! Just awesome!

  • Sabrina W

    Sabrina W wrote:

    Did you make this?? That is so cute!!

  • Sabrina W

    Sabrina W wrote:

    That is adorable!!

  • no photo

    Jen M wrote:

    Love the pin the tailor the zebra. Where did you get/how did you make the zebra poster? Also, how did you attach the boa tail and keep track of who attached them?

  • Holly W

    Holly W wrote:

    Could I ask where you got this at? I need one for my daughters bday :)

  • atozebracelebrations

    atozebracelebrations wrote:

    Hello Holly! I made it & I'm happy to make one for $11.99. Shipping is $5.49. Email me if interested- atozebranancy@gmail.com