Party Recap

I had decided last minute that my son and nieces deserved more than just the traditional egg hunt in the back yard this Easter. Even wIth limited time and a small budget I was determined to give the little ones something to hop about...and I did! I whipped up this last minute Easter dessert party themed, "Yummies for the Bunnies", and incorporated a variety of treats; Easter shape fruit pops with marshmallow stems, flower and ladybug cookie pops, creamy pastel Jellybelly filled vases, Easter m&m's sprinkled across a framed mirror, Peep embelished dessert trays (hand painted, foam and moss added for the 'pop' trays and Easter grass for the dessert trays themselves. Both wrapped with ribbon.) and a variety of our favorite cupcakes (The Perfect Circle Cupcakery in Orange, Ca). These goodies would surely keep the bunnies energized!

For decorative purposes, I decided on tissue paper pom poms and flowers (inexpensive yet a little time consuming-determintaton was the key), a perfect stylish white scrunchy table cover (which was actually a bed throw I found at IKEA), a couple of straw Easter hats placed over glass plates (so that the brims could be used to place the cupcakes), glass vases filled with pastel colored Whoppers, frame stand worded 'believe' painted white with personal photo and ribbons incorporated throughout to fill space or accent chairs.

Hunt no more Moms! Sometimes all we can afford is to find that little determination we have in all of us and the promise in our hearts that we will make the best of things for those who really matter! In this case.....our baby bunnies! ;)


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cocunut, banana and carrot cupcakes. Easter shaped fruit pops. Flower and ladybug shaped cookie pops, cream jellybellys, Easter Whoppers and M&M's.

  • Activities / Games

    Easter egg decorating. Easter egg hunt indoor/and outdoors. Painting, coloring, dancing and lot's and lot's of hopping!

  • Party Favors

    Hand painted dessert trays with ribbon to be taken home and used as a caddy of any sort (ex. hair ribbons and lipgloss for girls. Marbles and bubblegum for boys;).

  • Best Moment

    Watching the 'bunnies' marvel at the Easter shaped fruit pops and gaze at all the decorations.

  • Most Touching Moment

    All the smiles, hugs and thank you's that came BEFORE enjoying any of their treats!

  • Funniest Moment

    Watching the kids "secretly" stick there fingers in the cupcakes. ;)



  • Heather D

    Heather D wrote:

    Love it.

  • Jean Knee R

    Jean Knee R wrote:

    Such a sweet party. I love the cupcakes arranged on the sun hats.