Party Recap

I asked our second daughter what kind of birthday party she’d like, and she requested dancing, pizza, and a bouncy castle! Easy day. She is the sweetest person I know, but her sassy has been showing lately as she has been solidifying her commitment to being a threenager! I saw this Young, Wild and Three T-Shirt by Jennifer Rich of Little Bow Seek and I thought it would be the perfect party theme! It was so much fun!

We wanted to do it bright and fun, just like her sweet little personality! I made a wild flower wall of tissue paper pom-pom flowers and party fans as a back drop for our sweets table. The pom-poms are a cinch to make and the kids had fun helping. Our grocery store happened to have a bunch of wildly colored carnations that morning that just happened to match our colors! Inexpensive and fun- a great coincidence! I used some washi tape on the vases to tie it all together.

I love party favors that are either useable or are a keepsake. I made these fun curly headbands for my daughters and for our guests to take home. They loved them! I was pleased with the way they turned out. Plastic headbands, hot glue, and cute ribbon. Super easy!

I saw these metre-long straws in our grocery store here in Berlin, Germany, and I thought they looked like fun. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do with them, but I knew we’d think of something! The kids were entertained by just drinking water with them! It’s always the simple things that kids love most, isn’t it?! I also had good ol’ crazy straws handy for the kids to use and take home.

They bounced on the bouncy castle and played with punching balloons. We didn’t do any structured activities at this party; we just had FUN! Overall, it was just the right kind of party for our budding threenager!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    As far as food was concerned, I went easy on myself and put out some veggies, cheese, fruit skewers, a colorful salad, and ordered pizza! The kids loved the pink (beet) hummus! Our salad had edible flowers in it, another convenient find at the grocery store that morning!

  • Desserts

    The birthday girl requested vanilla for her cake, so I made a four layer vanilla sponge cake and colored the layers brightly. I’m kind of obsessed with cake Instagram accounts, and I love the watercolor style that’s been trending! I just did the best amateur job I could and threw some homemade meringues and macarons on top with some flowers. It was just right for our crowd! We also did ice cream, because our daughter loves ice cream more than anything else on earth!


Party Helpers


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