Party Recap

The song "You Are My Sunshine" has been one that I often sing my son. Living in Portland, Oregon the sun only really shines during the summer and early Fall. So, my son keeps me smiling year round.

We did most of the details ourselves including the food, decor, and the activities.


—Write a message to the birthday boy. I created sheets that stated a birthday and each guest left a note for my son to read as he gets older.

— Baby time! We had five adorable one year olds in attendance so we wanted an activity that they could have fun doing. We read stories and sang songs on a blanket in the middle of a park. We also made sure there were plenty of toys and balls for the kiddos to play with.


— Italian Pressed Sammies, Ham and Cheddar Sammies, Fruit, Veggies

— Toddler meals served in ice cube trays. We had bananas, berries, grapes, peas, carrots, and ham in each tray.

— Sweets: Funfetti cake pops, Lemon Cupcakes, and Kid-Friendly (less sugar) banana cupcakes


Each of the kiddos received a bag with sunscreen, rubber ducky, and sunglasses. Each adult received a winecooler with a note that read, "You survived a one-year old's birthday party! Drink up!"

DIY Details:

—We put one photo from each month of the kiddo's life in frames around the area.

— I created You Are My Sunshine Printables for the event.

— The favor bags were painted by me!

—My mother helped me make the yellow quilt that the kiddos played on.


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