Party Recap

My son loves Yo Gabba Gabba, so naturally I HAD to throw him a "dancey dance" party! YGG items are pretty hard to find, so most of the decor was made by me!

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Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    The birthday boy, Christian! I found him a green striped shirt that matched his favorite character's (Brobee) stripes. I ironed on the Brobee image and then personalized the back with a big, red, glittery "2".

  • Desserts

    Rainbow colored cupcakes with white buttercream frosting and rainbow colored sprinkles; red velvet Yo Gabba Gabba decorated cake with buttercream frosting; Yo Gabba Gabba character cookies; star wand cookies

  • Activities / Games

    The yard was filled with activities including a bounce house, a Brobee pinata, sidewalk chalk, etc. But the best part was a special appearance and play time with Brobee himself! We also had Yo Gabba Gabba music playing in the background so the kids danced the whole time.

  • Party Favors

    Personalized Yo Gabba Gabba character boxes filled with cookies and bubbles

  • Best Moment

    The moment when Brobee made his appearance! The kids LOVED it and it was a great way for the parents to get some time to relax while the kids were entertained.

  • Funniest Moment

    Watching the kids dance to the YGG music.


Party Helpers



  • Melissa C

    Melissa C wrote:

    ok so i lovvvve this cake... but what are the toppers?? are they plastic and if so where did you get them??

  • kimcheccio@yahoo.com

    Thanks so much! They are actually bath toys I bought off Amazon! If you're looking for additional party decor check out my Facebook page to view my album. I have more that isn't shown in these albums. "Frills by Studio K" is the page on FB.

  • Faith C

    Faith C wrote:

    i love it.

  • Sha M

    Sha M wrote:

    i love it

  • Monique  T

    Monique T wrote:

    those cutouts are perfect, your sis is awesome! great party!

  • no photo

    Robyn R wrote:

    How did your sister make the cut out characters?

  • Ella A

    Ella A wrote:

    How did your sister make the cut out of characters?

  • kimcheccio@yahoo.com

    Shes an artist, so she just drew them freehand on foam core and then cut them out using a razon blade.

  • kimcheccio@yahoo.com

    Also, my sister has a shop on Etsy where she designs jewelry. If you're interested in having her make cutouts for you, you could contact her there and inquire about a custom order and see what shes says. www.wanderlustartistry.etsy.com

  • no photo

    La Toya G wrote:

    I love this YGG PARTY! Do you mind sharing how she did the cutouts?

  • kimcheccio@yahoo.com

    @ 05:01 ON MAR 29, 2013 Shes an artist, so she just drew them freehand on foam core and then cut them out using a razor blade.