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Whimsical Dragons and Fairies Baby Shower

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Party Recap

This magical event was designed for award winning tattoo artist Peter Dominguez of All Hope Aside Tattoo and his wife Christie Dominguez, makeup artist for Espionage Cosmetics. This pair of parents love all things mystical and magical, so a dragons and baby fairies shower was perfect!

The celebration took place at Wildwood Park in Puyallup, WA. The park is overrun with trees, ferns, bushes, moss, stumps, a creek and all sorts of whimsical necessities, so it was the ideal spot for this theme.

I created a moss covered sign for the shelter entry which read “ONCE UPON A TIME IN AN ENCHANTED WOOD.” I used the same wordage and font as I had used previously when designing their custom invites. The invites are adorned with a darling silhouette image of a fairy and a pixie beneath a weeping willow with the moon above. You can find the enchanting invitations in Confetti Grove’s Etsy shop.

Throughout the shelter I draped faux vines made using leaves cut from two shades of green paper glued onto long strands of jute. Near the exit of the shelter, right before you enter the wooded dessert area, I rested a large directional sign made using a fallen branch and paper arrows directing guests to an array of magical places that one would find in books like Peter Pan, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

Guest tables were decorated with moss covered frames, fallen branches draped with blue and brown paper bunting and handcrafted fairy cottages. I created the frames and faerie cottages using items from my local Dollar Tree. I used small stones in grey and brown hues, a mix of reindeer and floral moss and bits out of a vanilla scented potpourri pack. To add even more character to the cottages, I gave each a handcrafted clay door with it’s own unique design as well as a signature detail, a weathervane, a welcome mat, a chimney and a mailbox. I was even able to create itty bitty directional signs to place near each cottage. My favorite tiny sign was the one directing guests to All Hope Aside and Espionage Cosmetics. There were also directions to the post office, police station, labor & delivery and Starbucks.

One of the fairy cottages was placed next to the enchanting dessert table placed perfectly in the woods. I placed my one extra clay fairy door directly beneath a root beneath the fairy cottage. To add a personal touch for baby to be, Korben, I covered a cardboard “K” with floral moss and hung it on a tree with an antique white frame around it.

Finally, the dessert display! Since this mama loves dragons and Korben will be her third little dragon I handmade three unique sleeping baby dragons from different colors of clay. The dragons range in size from about 3 to 4 inches and each have their own unique details. I rested the dragons on a heap of stones and moss and used them as the dessert table centerpiece. Surrounding the sleeping babies are Manzanita branches, a vintage book I found at a local antique store and vintage crates used to display the desserts. The tasty salted caramel bars were each served on a 2 inch wood round. Amongst the Manzanita branches are randomly placed birch and pine cone flowers and green floral fillers I happened upon. I handstamped the darling “family” bunting which hangs above the family of dragons as they rest. The entire display sat upon a moss table runner I created using Dollar Tree moss, mod podge and cardboard.

It turned out magically beautiful and with limited out of pocket expense, but a TON of time and attention to detail. The third time around parents were thrilled.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Bars and Coconut Cupcakes


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