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WANTED - The Naughtiest Baby around

Margit F By Margit F  in Birthday


Party Recap

The theme for my daughters birthday party came to be as my 5 year old son wanted to make a WANTED poster lising all the things his little sister did that were naughty. Once we had created this it was clear that it had to become what her birthday celebration was all about. We turnerd the poster into an invitation and went from there.
Because there were both children and adults attending the party we had areas and activities for everyone. The children were able to get "branded" (tatoos), color in "WANTED" posters, and take pictures in the "jail cell". The biggest hit by far was the General Store. We filled baskets with different items including bubbles, mustaches, sheriff badges, nets and most popular of all marshmallow shooter. In fact, we could have done nothing more ten put out the marshmallow shooters and they would have played all day.
The adults enjoyed visiting the Saloon where we had different beverages including the signature party drink "on the rum punch".
Food was set up at the chuck wagon. We served pulled pork, cole slaw, mac and cheese, hot dogs, fruit and corn bread. Flatware was wrapped in pink bandanas which guests used as napkins.
The dessert table included a variety of treats: pink circus peanuts, German Chocolate marshmallows (tumbleweeds), Chocolate covered pretzels (lassos), pink gumballs, and mustaches pops as well as chocolate cookies with the most amazing party themed fondant toppers made by Love and Sugar Kisses. The cake, by cakewish, was amazing as well and was created to match the inivitation.
This party was non-stop fun for all the guests, including the birthday girl who knew it was her special day and was on her very best behavior, although still a little naughtier than most babies out there!


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    Watching the kids play with the marshmallow shooters- we really needed nothing else.

  • Funniest Moment

    Moustache photo booth shoot

  • Most Touching Moment

    The birthday girl happy with her bubbles

  • Best Dressed

    Birthday girl

  • Desserts

    Cake, cookies, candy

  • Party Favors

    Candy, bubbles, marshmallow shooters

  • Activities / Games

    Branding (tattoos), Marshmallow shooters, photo booth

  • What People Ate

    Pulled pork, mac and cheese, cole slaw and cornbread

  • What People Drank

    On the Rum Punch!



  • PartyingMama

    PartyingMama wrote:

    This party is adorable. Love the details.

  • Margit F

    Margit F wrote:

    Thank you so much! It was the perfect them for my little outlaw!

  • Maria M

    Maria M wrote:

    Love it!!

  • Maria M

    Maria M wrote:

    Great job!! :-)

  • Jodi S

    Jodi S wrote:

    Love this! Did you do all the printables yourself? Those really make the whole party!

  • Margit F

    Margit F wrote:

    Thanks so much! I did make the printables!

  • no photo

    Kristin F wrote:

    Can you tell me what program you used to make the printables?? Everything is so adorable and this party looked like fun!

  • no photo

    C M wrote:

    Radea? Cursive O's have the tail at the top, not the bottom. Like an A.

  • no photo

    C M wrote:

    Radea? Cursive O's have the tail at the top, not the bottom. Like an A.

  • Margit F

    Margit F wrote:

    Hi Kristen, I used inkscape to create these - it functions somewhat like Adobe. You can download it online. I also purchased some digital background papers from etsy (look up great graphics) and incorporated those. Thanks so much for your sweet comments! CM - I agree that the o in this font looks a little like an a. However, every other aspect coordinated so well with the theme that I chose to use it anyway. If you know of a better rope font out there please share the name. Thanks, Margit

  • Akilah S

    Akilah S wrote:

    hi, this party is really cute :) i was wondering what did you use as "tumble weed"?

  • Margit F

    Margit F wrote:

    Thanks Akilah! They are german chocolate marshmallows - I found them at Target and have used them recently in another party (so they still carry them). They are so yummy!

  • no photo

    Alexandria J wrote:

    where did you get this sign or how did you have it made? office depot? office max? staples? or someplace else?