Party Recap

7 preschool age kids came over for valentine's games and food. First we "hunted" for foam hearts in the backyard (like an egg hunt, only hearts). Next we came in and made a felt owl pillow, ate some valentine's snacks (heart shaped cheese & crackers, popcorn, fruit, pink lemonade) and then went outside for some balloon play. The last thing we did was come back in to decorate a heart shaped cookie. A great chance to celebrate prechool friendships!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    sugar cookies to decorate

  • Activities / Games

    heart hunt (like and Easter egg hunt, but with foam hearts), free play, silly pllay with balloons

  • Best Moment

    converstaions of a 3-4 year old

  • What People Ate

    heart shaped cheese and crackers, fruit kabobs, kettle corn, white cheddar puffs, heart shaped crackers

  • What People Drank

    pink lemonade


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  • Ruki I

    Ruki I wrote:

    how cute! Love the owls.