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Valentine Luncheon

Leoni J By Leoni J  in Valentine's Day


Party Recap

Hands up if you love Kikki K, me too!!! So for Valentine's day what's more appropriate than a Kikki K inspired dessert table and that is exactly what I did after I fell in LOVE with their Valentine's Sweet Heart range. They had the cutest cards, wrapping paper and stickers, so based on the above items this is what I came up with for our family luncheon.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    mini raspberry trifles, mini cheesecake bites, raspberry and coconut mini cupcakes, chocolate hearts, love letter cookies heart sugar cookies.

  • Budget

    Very cheap since I made all the food myself and used stickers and papers from Kikki K and the Dollar shop

  • Party Favors

    White noodle boxes with heart chocolates

  • Best Moment

    Seeing the children's faces when they saw the table all set up

  • What People Drank

    coconut & pineapple milkshake

  • Backdrop of table

    First I wanted a backdrop and for this table I went with envelopes stuck to the wall, I saw this idea at one of Cheree Berry's shows for Kate Spade and loved it. It was also appropriate since my husband used to be at sea when we first started going out and we wrote love letters to eachother while he was at sea (still have them stashed away in a box somewhere ;-)) It was also cheap, I bought about 40 envelopes for $2 at the dollar shop AND I can re-use them afterwards.


Party Helpers

  • Anya Jena


    My eldest daughter Anya helped me set up the dessert table



  • Leoni J

    Leoni J wrote:

    One of my most budget friendly parties to date.

  • no photo

    Trini G wrote:

    how did you make the background ?

  • Leoni J

    Leoni J wrote:

    Hi Trini, It's simply a stack of white envelopes "glued"to my wall using "bluetack", you could also use double sided masking tape. That simple :-)

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