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Party Recap

A sweet MoM asked help to surprise her Daughter on her 18th. Her Daughter's dream Birthday is Unicorn Themed. Since It's Pandemic, the MoM just wants to give her Daughter a surprise set up on Dessert, A Photo Corner where Family can take Photos on and an intimate Dining Set Up at the Backyard.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Desserts Unicorn Donut Unicorn Confetti Fudge Unicorn Pastry Sticks Unicorn Cupcakes Unicorn Cake Filipino Menu for Dinner

  • What People Drank

    Soda Coffee

  • Party Favors

    Chocolates and Brooches


Party Helpers

  • The Entire Household

    Regular Family

  • DIY Mom Evenstyling


    I'm a MoM of 3.And I love to organize small and intimate gatherings especially for my kids who deserve the best of what my hands can do. So I scour the country looking for the best and less-expensive materials that I can use for making my party needs and decos like give-aways, plates, wallpapers, etc. I can also give tips on just about anything that can make your party the best one. Great Ideas for Set Up doesn't need to be GALA..and You do not need to be a Professional EventSylist to Create a Great Set Up- It will only take a GREAT MOM and a beautiful Mind to create an intimate Elegant Set Up.
    At DIY MOM we are here to help you be a "Hands On " Mom on your family events, because " Just like Me, I know you can do it too! "


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