Party Recap

This theme was created for a little girl who loves Mermaids and Ariel. We decided to go with Under the Sea to include both boys and girls.



  • Sarah I

    Sarah I wrote:

    LOVE the shell plates!!! where did you find those??

  • no photo

    Ashley B wrote:

    Where did you get this awesome blow up toy?! I have to have it!

  • Teacups and Trucks

    Teacups and Trucks wrote:

    Hi Ashley!! Good news! You can find this little guy at pretty much any large retail store. I found mine at Walmart(I think), but then I saw him again at Target and even Big Lots. Good luck!!

  • no photo

    Billie A wrote:

    Oh my Gosh! I need this for my daughters party! I tried searching online, but maybe i am using the wrong terms. is this a baby pool? a crab? any info would be great!! thanks!

  • Teacups and Trucks

    Teacups and Trucks wrote:

    Hi Billie! I found this baby pool at Walmart I think. You could probably find him at any major department store. It is adorable!

  • Jennifer S

    Jennifer S wrote:

    awesome idea!