Tyler and Mikey's Gross Out Birthday Party

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Party Recap

After discussing possible party ideas that would work for a boy that was turning 10 and a boy that was turning 7, my sister and I decided to throw them a Gross Out Party. I created invitations with Paint.net that looked like they had slime running down the boarder. Guests had a great time sampling food like booger dip or goblin toes and playing games like rotten egg toss or loaded diapers. For party favors, we sent home bags filled with little band aids, tattoos that resembled wounds or stitches and green gak. We each got calls from some of the guests parents to let us know that the kids had a great time and to let us know that their kids were now asking for gross out parties.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Kitty Litter Cake: It is a cake that is made to look just like a dirty cat box. It looks awful but tastes really great.

    Dirt Dishes: Individual cups of chocolate pudding with gummy worms in it and crushed Oreos on top to look like mud with dirt on top.

  • Activities / Games

    Body Part Dig: We cooked 5 pound of spaghetti and mixed it with vanilla pudding that we dyed red. We also stirred in gummy body parts (the only place we could find them was Target) and gave the kids 10 seconds to dig through the "guts" to find as many body parts as they could.

    Rotten Egg Toss: Teams of 2 kids started out 2 feet apart and tossed an uncooked egg to each other. With every successful catch, one kid took a step back to make catching more difficult. The last 2 kids with an egg won the game.

    Loaded Diapers: We filled 5 diapers with 5 different baby foods to look like poop. The kids then could smell or taste the "poop" to try to guess what kind of baby food was used. The one with the most right answers one. In case of a tie, we had 2 candy bars that we were going to place in the diaper and microwave. The people in the tie could only look at the candy bars to guess which ones were used.

  • Budget

    We put the entire party together for around $80. This includes food, decor and games.

  • Party Favors

    We crumpled up brown paper bags then filled them with tattoos that resembled scabs, wounds and stitches, mini packs of band-aids, a packet of gummy worms and a little jar of slimy green gak.

  • Best Moment

    The whole party was great but I think my favorite moment was when my son's friend asked me to plan a Gross Out party for him.

  • What People Ate

    Bloody Worm Sandwiches: Hot dogs sliced to look like worms and mixed with ketchup to look like blood.

    Moldy Pizza: We mixed some cheese with green food coloring and sprinkled it over the top of a pizza before baking it. Combined with the regular cheese, it made the pizza look like it had mold growing on it. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it.

    Vomit Dip: A warm mixture of Velveeta, ground cooked burger and salsa. It looks much worse than it tastes.

    Eyeball Eggs: Deviled eggs with black olives placed in the center to look like eyeballs. My husband used red food coloring and a toothpick to create veins in them.

    Goblin Toes: We used cream cheese to stick pimento "toenails" onto Lil' Smokies cocktail weenies.

    Owl Barf Balls: They are basically no-bake chocolate peanut butter cookies with broken up pretzel rods add to resemble mouse bones (like owl pellets). You can also add coconut flakes to resemble feathers or fur.

    Booger Dip: Cheese Whiz died green with relish mixed in for the "boogers."

    We also served guacamole chips since they looked moldy and various veggies for dipping.

  • What People Drank

    Blood Punch: A punch consisting of cranberry juice, Sprite and two packets of black cherry Kool-Aid. We also filled a latex glove with water and froze it. Just before serving, we cut the glove off and added the frozen "hand" to the punch.

  • Funniest Moment

    When half of the kids wouldn't come near the Loaded Diaper table because they thought that we actually used dirty diapers from my baby.


Party Helpers

  • My sister, Steph


    My sister and I work really well together when it comes to planning parties for our kids. I am eternally grateful that she was there to brainstorm and help me pull all of this together.


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