Party Recap

My niece Tyara is such a happy girl! We all love to be around her. Her birthday is December 3rd, which falls right between my son's birthday/Thanksgiving and Christmas. Every year, it seems to creep up on us and catch us all off guard.
She's a simple girl, not requiring much, but this year she turned 10 so we wanted to make something extra special for her. On Thursday, we decided to go ahead and have a party that Sunday because if we waited any longer, the calendar would be full of Christmas engagements and no one would be able to make it.
So, we planned this party in 3 days!!!!
She didn't want to know any of the details. She wanted to be surprised. Said, "I trust you, Titi Debra. I know I can count on you." Whoa the pressure! But I knew she would've been happy with just cake and family and I also knew she would be extremely grateful no matter what I did.
We went with Camping because she loves it. I recycled everything I could from my own kids' parties and things I had around the house. The total decor budget was $16!! And most of that went to the activities! The kids made bracelets and decorated jewelry boxes as keepsakes to store their bracelets. They enjoyed playing hide and seek in the dark with glow bracelets on, singing Happy Birthday while holding sparklers, and melting marshmallows in the s'mores bar.
We all had a wonderful time.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    S'mores & Cake

  • Party Favors

    S'mores Kit, jewelry box, pearl bracelet

  • Activities / Games

    Decorate jewelry box, make a bracelet, glow sticks hide and seek, sparklers

  • What People Ate


  • What People Drank

    Lemonade & Water

  • Most Touching Moment

    When the birthday girl arrived and was surprised to see the party


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