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Tutus & Tiaras!

Jennifer F By Jennifer F  in Birthday


Party Recap

Anna has been really into dress-up and princesses, so for her 3rd birthday celebration, I wanted to do a "princess" theme, while avoiding the cliched Disney Princess route. So after I found some really cute pink & brown princess clip art, I designed the invitations, then carried that color scheme through everything else at the party!

I made the "Happy Birthday" banner and the cupcake toppers using my new toy - the cricut! I also made the favors, which were tutus & wands for the girls, and capes & swords for the boys. The kids were able to decorate their own tiaras and crowns with an assortment of jewels.

My mom took charge of making the pinata (from scratch!) to match the color scheme, and she also was the mastermind behind turning the playset into a castle! She recruited my dad & sisters to help with the painting, and it turned out so so cute!

The main attraction, of course, was the gorgeous white horse named "Goliath", and the Cinderella carriage that took the kids for rides around the neighborhood. The birthday girl rode 3 or 4 times before I was able to get her to get off!

After singing happy birthday, we did the pinata, which was a pull-string (less violent for the younger kiddos). It had lots of goodies in it, including ring pops, and little frog prince pop-ups.

We had a few games as well, including a "Kiss the Frog" game that I custom-designed, where you have to pin the kissing lips closest to the frog prince's lips. And another called "Poison Apple", which is like hot potato but with an apple instead.


Party Helpers

  • Peggy Schober

    Pinata Designer

    My mom made the pinata from scratch to match my color scheme, and I made the cute little crown on it using my cricut.

  • Peggy Schober

    Set Designer

    I told my mom that I was thinking about doing something to Anna's playset to make it look like a castle. I was thinking a little fabric or tulle here and there, and she took it to another level completely! It was amazing, even though the windy conditions didn't allow us to put the whole thing up.

  • Jennifer Fernandez (Me)


    I really wish I had splurged and paid someone else to take pictures of the day, but we spent the money on the horse & carriage instead, and I think Anna enjoyed that a lot more!

  • Peggy Schober

    Makeup artist

    My mom is responsible for the lovely princess face painting! The kids LOVED this - there was always a line waiting!

  • Jennifer Fernandez (Me)

    Dress designer

    I made the pink & brown tutus myself. These, along with the wands, swords, tiaras & crowns, were great favors!

  • Katie Schober

    Cake Ball Maker

    My sister Katie and my mom made a slew of delicous cake balls in the pink and brown color scheme. On the inside, they were yellow cake with strawberry icing. Yum!

  • Dalia Fernandez

    Cupcake Helper

    My mother-in-law helped me make the cupcakes, which were filled with a homemade strawberry whipped filling for an extra touch.

  • Lindsay & Katie Schober

    Castle Painter

    My sisters were a huge help to my mom in getting the pieces for the castle painted.

  • Jeff Schober


    My dad made a delicious barbecued pork roast, macaroni and cheese (a hit with the kiddos!) and our family's famous potato salad!

  • Derek & Carl Fernandez


    My husband and father-in-law were a huge help by cutting endless amounts of tulle so that I could get the tutus made! It's quite the sight to see two grown men buried in piles of pink tulle!



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    P M wrote:

    Great details..How did u make the castle?

  • Jennifer F

    Jennifer F wrote:

    My mom actually made the castle from foam insulation she got at Home Depot or Lowes. She cut it to the measurements of the playset, and painted it to look like stonework.

  • no photo

    Wendy W wrote:

    Wow! What an amazing and creative party! Good job!