Party Recap

For this bridal shower, we wanted to go with a color scheme that was close to the bride's wedding day colors, watermelon and mermaid. We decided to step away from the traditional Hawaiian colors and go with hot pink, turquoise, and sour apple green. The bride to be was shocked when she entered the shower for the first time, as she was not allowed to be involved in any of the details. We used linen tablecloths, seat covers, alternating colored sashes, and goldfish centerpieces. Very fun, vibrant, and eye catching.


Party Highlights

  • Centerpieces

    We used goldfish in a tall vase for the centerpieces, which were given as party favors to the guest at the end of the shower in small glass bowls. Bamboo placemats were used as one long runner on top of the turquoise satin tablecloth. We used bamboo plants and greenery to give it a Hawaiian outdoor theme.

  • Fruit Tree

    The Hawaiian Fruit Tree was a big hit at this event. We placed the fruit on skewers and then stuck them into our pineapple tree for easy buffet line access.

  • Game Booklets

    The game booklets were made out of bright colored card stock of different shades and textures. We printed a different game on each color and layered the four colors on top of each other. We used a bright colored ribbon to tie the booklet together and then we placed them on top of the layered plate settings that were on the table. In the end the guests kept their booklet for a cute keepsake of the shower.

  • Advice Box

    We made an advice box for the new bride to be. We thought this would be a fun addition to the shower because the guests were able to give advice on how to keep up the spice in a marriage. We used the leftover paper from the game booklets and stamped them with a decorated paper puncher to give them a decorated edge. We found an old seashell box on clearance at TJ Maxx and added more seashells to them. The Bride to Be kept all her advice cards in the seashell box as a keepsake and read some of the cards at the shower. The guests had a blast listening to some of the advice that was given on how to keep up the spice. Lots of fun!!!!


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