The Local Bach Party for a Destination Wedding

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Party Recap

My future sister-in-law was getting married in Hawaii, so I threw her a bachelorette party with some island flare for those that couldnt make the long trip for the wedding, but still wanted to celebrate with her beforehand.

I started by asking all the girls to wear black and/or hot pink. (hot pink was our Bride’s wedding color) She had said she wanted to wear white, so I really wanted her to stand out from the rest of us. I also made her a hot pink veil – very easy to do. I bought some really pretty pink fabric at the fabric store, sewed some of it together so it was nice and full and glued it onto a hair clip.

We were going to go downtown to party, but I got a hotel suite at a hotel outside of downtown. I wanted people to be able to park for free and find it easily. I decorated with lei’s all over the room and had a special drink station set up with some goodies. I bought flowers on hairclips for everyone to put in their hair if they wanted – all the girls LOVED that. I had lot of different colors and styles to choose from.

I made a sign with pictures from her out of state bridesmaids who couldn’t be there… the sign said “Wish we were there!” That part took some coordinating – I had the girls take pictures of themselves holding a word and then strung them all together. The night of the party, I hung that above the drink station so our Bride would know her girls were thinking of her even if they couldn’t be there.

We all took “blow job” shots complete with whip cream. As party favors, I put together mixed CD’s with some island reggae love jams on there to get everyone in the feel for Hawaii. I also had island reggae playing on my ipod in the hotel room. For snacks, we had cheese and crackers and lots of fruit.

I made our Bride a “Morning After” kit complete with little funny tags on all the items… most of them were Hawaii related. A beach towel to wipe the sweat off the next day…. Coconut hand sanitizer to get rid of the evidence, a photo album with hula girls on it to always remember what the alcohol makes us forget, some advil to help with the pounding headache, some tums to calm the belly, a hula girl coffee mug to wake her ass up the next day (hehe), etc…

Once we had all settled into the hotel room and got warmed up with some drinks, we all walked downstairs together and surprised our bride with a party bus waiting for us right outside the lobby. I had all the girls bring the right amount of cash (including tip) the night of.

Our first stop was at a tiki bar - again going with the luau theme. We sat on the patio and it was perfect! I had arranged with the owner of the bar to have two of my friends who are Polynesian dancers, come to do a little mini-show for us. It was about 15 minutes long. All the guests LOVED this part. At the end of the show, my friends got the Bride up to teach her some moves, that was really fun. The owner of the bar also sent a "Flaming Scorpian" drink to our Bride that we all had fun drinking out of. The center of the drink was on fire! Very cool. (and delicious!)

Our second stop was at a country bar because our bride was a country fan and our last stop was at a hip hop club. At the end of the night we all got dropped back off at the hotel where the Bride got the room we all met at and a lot of people had reserved their own hotel rooms or else they got picked up by whoever was their DD.

It was such a fun night and I had so much fun thinking of all the little details!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Crackers, fruit, chips & dip

  • What People Drank

    BYOB for the party bus, I provided Heineken in the hotel room and blow job shots.

  • Best Moment

    Look of shock and surprise on the Bride's face when she saw our bus!

  • Party Favors

    Island Reggae Love Jam mixed CDs made by me


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