Party Recap

This Doc McStuffins themed book bash was undoubtedly one of the cutest and funnest events ever! Each year a group of girls get together for their annual book club meeting to celebrate the love of reading. It was a pleasure to see the girls become doctors for the day!



  • Tiffany D

    Tiffany D wrote:

  • Chelsea L

    Chelsea L wrote:

    Where did you get "the big books of boo boo's"

  • Tiffany D

    Tiffany D wrote:

    Hi! We found the purple spirals from the dollar store. We use the Cricut to create the sparly hearts and there you have it... Big book of Boo Boos! The girls loved it!

  • no photo

    Celine M wrote:

    where did you get the Big book of Boo Boo's from?

  • Tiffany D

    Tiffany D wrote:

    I found some plain purple spirals from a local dollar store. I used the Cricut for the sparkly hearts. Thanks!

  • Michelle N

    Michelle N wrote:

    Where did you find the headbands they're adorable! !

  • Tiffany D

    Tiffany D wrote:

    I made theses!!! It was time consuming but it was worth it!!

  • Steph K

    Steph K wrote:

    i love this! tutorial?