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Taylor's Berry Special 4th Birthday Party

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Party Recap

My daughter's wanted a "Strawberry Shortcake" 4th birthday party, which is perfect theme for the summer months! My in-laws graciously offered up their backyard which has a pool (and is fabulous, especially for a parties.) Several weeks before the party, we decided we would also do an Alex's Lemonade Stand at the party to help raise money for cancer research in children. Miss T almost raised $500 and I am so very proud of my berry special girl!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    The birthday girl!

  • Desserts

    Strawberry Shortcake of course for the birthday cake. Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Jello Push-pops, Fruit Salad, Choc. covered Marshmallows, and Apricot Bars.

  • Activities / Games

    Water balloons, swimming, pin the jewel on the Strawberry Shortcake, and the pinata (or keyata as Miss T would say.)

  • Party Favors

    Berry baskets filled with Strawberry Shortcake dry-erase door hangers, strawberry sunglasses, Strawberry Shortcake polish + lipgloss and strawberry bubbles for the girls. Berry baskets filled with strawberry bubbles, Strawberry Pop Rocks candy, and a parachute man.

  • Best Moment

    Watching my sweet girl's face as everyone sang "happy birthday" to her.

  • What People Ate

    Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Pulled Pork, Salad, Taco Dip, Pasta Salad, Broccoli Salad, Chips, and Pepperoni Bread just to name a few.

  • What People Drank

    Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry CapriSun, Water, Soda, Malibu Bay Breezes for the Mommies + Daddies and a couple other beverages:)


Party Helpers



  • Brittany S

    Brittany S wrote:

    Oh this backdrop is ADORABLE!

  • Fern S

    Fern S wrote:

    Where did you get the green strawberry crates?