Party Recap

Tationa's Rainbow Tutu and Candy theme.


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    The Photo booth was an instant hit!!!

  • Best Dressed

    Tationa - of course!!


Party Helpers



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    Michele S wrote:

    I Love all the color and how you carried that theme right down to the guest outfits.

  • C Elaine M

    C Elaine M wrote:

    Thank you Michele!! The party sort of took on a life of its own. It started out as a Candyland theme, then I spent hours on Catchmyparty and came up with lot of other ideas that i wanted to incorporatel. Things did not always go quite as planned, and there were a few hiccups. But overall I was pleased with the outcome. Thanks for your comment!

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    J S wrote:

    i love your tule table skirt, pls let me know how you did that .

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    J S wrote:

    love your table skirt , how much tulle would you suggest to use to make it ?

  • Jeannie N

    Jeannie N wrote:

    I want to use this idea for my daughter's sweet 16 party but only in royal blue and white. Could you tell me exactly how to do this

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    Cheryl M wrote:

    @Jeannie - This was a simply project. I simply made a tutu large enough to fit a 36" round table. The easiest way to measure the elastic is to use the size (36") and substract 10". But Google it anyway since I really don't remember. It used quite a lot of tulle, I can't remember the exact amount since I made ALOT of tutus for this event. At any rate, I alternated the stripes sections. Then I placed battery operated fairy lights underneath the tutu and attached it with duct tape. I purchased most of my supplies from Papermart.com. I got the elastic at a craft store. Not very complicated, but making a tutu that size is a little overwhelming. Good luck!

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    Cheryl M wrote:

    @JS - sorry for the late response. Haven't been on here for a while. Please see my response to Jeannie above. Good luck to you as well!!

  • Rabiya H

    Rabiya H wrote:

    Hi where can I order the jewelry stands?