Party Recap

It was a Scooby Doo Mystery Party! My son knew really nothing about his party other than it was going to be a Scooby Doo party & that his cousins and a neighbor were coming dressed up as the Mystery Inc. Gang to help! I wanted the mystery to be a surprise so he could participate & really enjoy it just like his friends!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    The three helpers - Shaggy, Daphne & Velma for sure! My birthday boy had a special shirt that I ordered online for him. It had a 5 with his name & the mystery Inc. gang

  • Activities / Games

    The party started with the kids playing games out back as we waited for everyone to arrive. A little Shaggy, Shaggy, Scooby (duck duck goose), Scooby Says (Simon Says) & Pin the nose on Scooby's Sandwich. Once everyone had arrived, I had others tell the kids that it was time for presents! When they got in there, the packages were all gone & there was a note! It was signed by the mystery bandit & took them out front to their first activity. After they completed each activity, they were given the next clue. Clue #1 read - “Presents, presents, presents, I can’t wait to see what’s inside! If you want to get them back, you’ll have to play my games and hope you’re oh so wise! The game starts here…head out to find Tanner’s mummy who’s waiting for you. She’s got the rolls & knows what to do”! Signed – the birthday bandit!” They head outside to find me & 2 more “mummy’s” & will have a contest to wrap us up. Once we have a winner – their team gets the clue. Clue #2 reads..."Scooby's getting hungry! Let's find him a treat! Using ONLY your mouth grab one to eat." While the kids are outside doing the mummy contest, have someone set up the tub of water with floating rice krispy treats that have a skewer through them & into a piece of foam floating in a bucket of water. (ONE AT A TIME) they bob for a “Scooby snack”. The clue will be taped to the bottom of one, in a baggie of course.Once everyone’s had a turn, the 3rd clue will be read. Clue #3 reads "Scooby's hanging around just waiting for you with a clue & loads of candy too! (While the kids are “bobbing for Scooby snacks”, I’ll have someone out front hanging the piñata on the basketball goal.) the 4th clue will be in the pinata. Clue #4 reads "A blanket of blue and some painting to do. Hidden in white the clues are quite out of sight" Out front I’ll have a big blue tarp & cups with washable paint and foam brushes. There will be clues on the paper that the kids are painting on. (I’ll take white cardstock & use white crayons.) I’ll have the clue on one of the papers or on a few & they put the sense Clue #5 You are on your own from here on out keep your head down and you'll figure it out. Run and search for your last clue! Once you see it you'll know what to do". Have someone drop some footprints (I’ll cut out of black paper) without the kids seeing Figure out where I want them to start & then go up to the bedroom . Could even have someone holler out after that’s read “Hey, footprints & hopefully that will prompt the kids to go see. The kids will open the door to find the birthday bandit sitting in there with the presents. The Birthday Bandit was the birthday boys dad & he was wearing a coat, hat & had a bandana over part of his face. The kids had a great time attacking him! We all grabbed presents & then headed back down as it was really time to open the presents now. I had plenty of snacks out for the parents (most of the parents stayed & we had a FULL house)!

  • Best Moment

    When the kids attacked the birthday bandit! It was really fun to see them when they found him & once they realized it was just the birthday boys Dad!

  • What People Ate

    I kept it easy with snacks & cupcakes! I'm used to doing lunch at my sons parties but this one having so many more friends invited, there was no way I was doing that! One thing fun that I did, I dipped Scooby Graham snacks dipped halfway in chocolate & had sprinkles on them! These turned out really cute! I also had puppy chow out on the tables for the kiddos to munch on.

  • What People Drank

    I had bottled water & of course had to have something fun! Shaggy's Sasparilla Soda: Fill ice cube trays with water and let stand at room temperature for about 20 minutes to remove air bubbles. Drop a cherry into each compartment and freeze. Place 1 tbsp of grenadine syrup into each glass. While the kids watch, drop cherry ice cubes and then pour cream soda into glasses.



  • Holly  D

    Holly D wrote:

    I was a little disappointed on the morning of hte party when I didn't have time to make my rice krispie treats & get them cut out in dog bones! One of my girlfriends ran to the store & grabbed prebought ones & we got them done up at the last minute! Still fun though & the kids didn't know the difference!

  • Holly  D

    Holly D wrote:

    I found the picture on the internet, blew it up to 11 x 17 & cut out for this game. Googled pepperoni, found a picture & used my circle punch to cut them out once I printed on large sticker sheets.

  • Holly  D

    Holly D wrote:

    Ordered the socks for Velma online, found the shirt at Target, bought the glasses at Party City & she had the skirt and shoes. My SIL found the shirt & pants for Shaggy. One of my best friends daughters had the Daphne costume from her daughter from a couple Halloween's ago & it fit our neighbor perfect! This was a really fun part of the party!