Party Recap

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“It’s going to be the best day ever!” said Rapunzel plus my now six year old princess. She wanted everything Tangled inspired this year, so for her birthday party I tried to include elements from the movie we’ve watch just about a million times: braid, long hair, sun, frying pans, floating lights, and lots of flowers. Mainly inspired by Rapunzel’s dress, I started with a corset style invitation and then just took it from there.
Rapunzel is of course known for her very long hair, so we crafted a very large braid, shaped into an A (birthday girl’s initial), and instantly knew that it needed to be hung where everyone could see and so it became my backdrop. The sweets table included a variety of tangled inspired treats: a donut tower, stunning princess jewels, dress inspired cookies, fondant topped cookies, cupcakes, and a gorgeous dress inspired cake. For an extra touch, I added and lit little votive candles inspired by the floating lights.
“Frying pans? Who knew!”… One of my favorite lines of Flynn Rider so we served the food in frying pans. And in the spirit of the movie, we posted Flynn Rider wanted signs all around the trees. It was a hot summer day so it was an actual pool party. Birthday girl changed into a stunning Rapunzel inspired swimsuit and cooled off on an inflatable sun overlooking the purple sun banners. In the words of the birthday girl..”it was the best day ever!”
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Photography: Monica Margolles
Cake: Moulin Rose Cake and Bakery Shop
Candy Jewels: Candies Cakes
Cookies: The Green Apron
Fondant toppers and Sugar Flowers: Susie’s Sweet Cake Pops
Tower Piñata: Elisa Guerra
Rapunzel Swimsuit: Calil Couture @calilcouture (Instagram)
Braid: Ivonne Cruz
Ruffle Table Skirt: Marta Aguero


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