Party Recap

So my princess turned 3 years old on this very special day. She was so excited about having a birthday party. I was definately on a budget and couldnt find decorations any where. So I went on etsy and found a bunch of stuff. There was this birthday banner with my daughters picture that was to die for and I really wanted it and I was going to pay what ever it for it. I emailed this sweet lady from sweetmetelmoments on etsy whos work was amazing. Thats where i saw the idea with her daughters pictures. She told me she would try to work it but couldnt make no promises. I told her my princesses story and omg she made me the banner. It was her gift to my lil girl I was so so excited. I saw another idea on someone elses page with the chinese food boxes as gift bags so I ordered my boxes from another etsy shop dudleyandtyler and there were inexpensive. From
photodesignz I ordered DIY Personalized Damask Olivia The Pig Birthday Party Printable Package -Black, White, and Red used what I needed and was as happy as can be. Her beautiful dress was from TheLittlePeaBoutique another etsy shop. The dress was to pretty to give up and since Tabitha never had a party I wanted this be be very special. I ordered little olivia buttons for the kids from BarefootWithButtons. So basically everything I got lil Tabitha was from all these fabulous etsy shops and the way I found Catch my party was through a friend of mione who has her own blog page http://adventuresofmodernmom.blogspot.com/ If anyone likes reading blogs check out her page its great.


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Tabitha :)

  • Best Moment

    The best moment of the party was when the photo booth came the kids and adults had an awesme time

  • Funniest Moment

    When my little girl went down for a nap everyone was looking for her and she was in a corner sleeping in a friends stroller

  • What People Ate

    The menu was very simple. I made baked ziti, bbq chicken, rice, pasta salad and tossed salad

  • Most Touching Moment

    When Tabitha said OMG mommy I have to make thank you cards for everyone


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