Party Recap

My daughter turned 6 this year and I enjoy going ALL out every year because it is the 1 day that we can go absolutely WILD and plan from Jan-April! She is involved in a multitude of activities so the invite list grows every year! Knowing it will be BIG, I start buying in December. I chose the safari theme because animal print is everywhere, the age range for those in attendance (kids) were babies-9 years old and who doesn't love animals?! I tied in the Victoria Zoo, they brought 6 differents animals for a show & tell program. I had 3 custom pinatas made; Monkey, Zebra, Giraffe. There were animal masks upon entry @ the sign-in table. I also placed a jar titled "Monkey-ing Around" and had the teacher bulletin tags (monkeys) for the entry cards, placed in the jar & drew for a monkey pillow pet. We did a best dressed boy and girl. Rather than handing out goody bags, with 80 kids- that was kinda crazy so I took camo, neon, and spekckled Easter eggs, placed them in a basket & had each kid draw one and then I drew 4 #s... they won a prize bag! The decor was FUN... I bought lime & black letters "KENDYL" to display on 1 of her photo tables, then knew she would use them @ home; good spend from Hobby Lobby, also bought 12 different animal print bandanas to place in the food bowls to dress them up, then used 4 for the prize bags rather than tiddue paper. I bought the regular & the neon animal print balloons & lanterns from Oriental Trading. Centerpieces were cylinder glasses with stones, water & 2 leopard speckled fish. Food consisted of gold fish, lil' smokies, lots of fruit, dipped pretzels sprinkles with all sorts of things(mint/toffey/sprinkles/M&Ms), chips, dips. My favorite behind the 4 tier safari cake (animal print candles!)would be the safari cupcakes I made! I wrapped a 3 tier stand with bright hot pink cheetah wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby. I then made 3 flavors of cupcakes that filled leopard & zebra cupcake holders, turned the cream cheese icing green and iced them. The object of the green is to look like grass, also colored some coconut green to really give it that "grassy" look! Top it with an animal cookie- done! I found a safari play net and hung that over the food table on the ceiling. I used 2 different palm tree coolers @ the entrance- 1 water, 1 juice. This party was a hit & I appreciate all who cam & looking forward to the next one! Any questions, feel free to email me- erin@ptlavaca.com

It’s a place for us to run WILD & free,
A party where your presence means most to me!

Kendyl Rae is turning “6”
Swing on in for your jungle fix!

We will have a program put on by the Zoo, Wear your animal attire, the roaring starts @ 2!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Mackenna Guevara & Landen Stricklin

  • Desserts

    Cake! Cupcakes! Dipped Pretzels!

  • Activities / Games

    Zoo Show ~ 45 Minutes 3 Pinatas ~ 15 Minutes Snake Eggs game- Guess How Many?! Bandz Game- Guess How Many?!

  • Budget


  • Party Favors

    Prize bags

  • Best Moment

    The BEST moment would have to be when Kendyl said THANK YOU for her party... meant a lot!

  • What People Ate

    Lil' Smokie Pigs, Crackers, Cheese Balls, Chips & Dips, Pickles, Fruit, Veggies, Dipped Pretzels, SNACK FOODS!

  • What People Drank

    Water & Juice

  • Most Touching Moment

    Everyone who came, we are so grateful for such a wonderful family & awesome friends...party was a hit!

  • Funniest Moment

    The Kids Taking The Fish Home... It was cute how they all wanted to keep 'em!


Party Helpers

  • Erin Smith


    To most of my friends, they feel a party this size would be overwhelming, but it is not. It just takes the time and effort to get every detail RIGHT! I love it and I'm always willing to lend my advice, opinion, suggestions, or assist! Thanks for allowing me to share!

  • Lindsey

    Food Prep

    She has been there from birth to now, LOVE HER!

  • Joyce Flanigan

    Cake designer

    Been doing our cakes for 25+ year!!!

  • Amanda (Mandy) Cervantes

    Dress designer

    She is amazing @ everything and Kendyl LOVED her attire!!!

  • Margaret Colley


    This was a last minute deal with something came up with my original photographer... Thank heavens for Facebook, Briley, and MC!!

  • Monica


    Shirley Temple Curls!!!


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