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Sweet Pineapple Birthday Party

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Party Recap

Pineapples seem to be very popular right now and my girls are crazy about them. So we decided to celebrate pineapples and have a luau full of the wonderful fruit!
Making the pineapple cake was a bit of a challenge but I managed with my handy dandy half sphere cake pan and some green candy melts.
I loved making French macarons for the first time. I also used some green candy melts to create the little tops. Don't they look adorable?
The kids loved the craft! They painted a jar like a pineapple and added "leaves" to a trio of pens. A fun pen holder to use when school starts!
A party is not a party without a great backdrop and some party props so everyone can have a turn being silly in front of the camera. We sure got some great pictures.
Mu hubby made a wonderful (if not a little too hard) pinata the kids had fun whacking with all their might.
Everyone went home happy with their pen jars and a secret treat in a cute little pineapple box from my Etsy shop.
Pineapples rule!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Cake, macarons, fruit cups, cupcakes, popcorn.

  • What People Drank

    Water, fruit punch

  • Desserts

    Pineapple cake, cupcakes

  • Party Favors

    Fun and bright nail polish and hair bands in little pineapple boxes.

  • Activities / Games

    We played a wonderful game called "Where's my pineapple?". The kids form a line and the 1st kids gives the pineapple to the kid behind them and turns around. The kids then pass the pineapple down the line until the 1st kid says "Where's my pineapple?". All the kids freeze, 1st kid turns back to face the line and has to guess who is holding the pineapple without moving. If he guesses, he gets to go to the end of the line and the game starts again with the second kid. If he doesn't, he turns around again and the pineapple is passed from kid to kid. Play until either the 1st kid guesses where the pineapple is (and he wins) or the pineapple is passed to the last kid (and the line wins).


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